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Lender Prep Package
The Tools You Need to Get Your Funding
Still Want 0% Credit Lines? Let Us Help You Get Them!
We know you wanted money for your business like yesterday. Our tools and education get right to the point so you can qualify as soon as possible.
Get The Info You Need
Take Action With Your Credit
Qualify and Get Your Funding
Here's What You Get
  • 720 Fico Lifetime Access: ($600 annual value) Includes complete credit repair and credit education
  • How to Harness the Power of Secured Cards and Auto Loans: Includes links to best secured cards 
  •  How to Build a Million-Dollar Business Plan to Present to Lenders: Includes template
  •  Proper Incorporation & Tax Savings Mastery
  •  The Power of Corporate Credit: Includes 2 video courses and 3 PDF's
  •  How to Build a Business Foundation in Compliance with Lenders
  •  How to Find a Credit Partner
  •  13 Steps to Secure $1 Million in Venture Capital
  •  How to Secure a $250,000 SBA Loan
  •  When You Qualify and Go Through Funding, Get $1,000 Back by Purchasing This Program
Get the Lender Prep Package Risk-Free by Earning a $1,000 Rebate When You Finish This Program and Go Through Funding
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